A Tale of Two Sickies…

We’re not on the road, and not planning to be until our fall migration (thank you fuel prices!).  However, that doesn’t mean we haven’t found new adventures. At the onset of the pandemic, one of the questions that swirled around my gray matter was the dilemma of how to handle one of us getting sick, […]

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Third Time’s The Charm!

After a visit to the ENT doctor on Tuesday, we received the green light for me to travel.  My ears are still a bit clogged/hearing is muffled – but I can hear, have no pain, and am ready to try this!  We left College Station on Wednesday, May 4 with Bill in the lead and […]

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Catch Up Time

It seems that I am being offered the opportunity to catch up on the blog.  So our last blog post found us at Engineer Beach RV Park at Fort Rucker in October.  Since then…… We traveled to Mayport, back to our favorite Osprey Cove at Naval Station Mayport (Jacksonville, FL).  We knew when we arrived […]

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4 months later…

Wow, almost 4 months later…update coming soon. At the moment, we are temporary Texans. Enjoying life in College Station and spending time with Beth, Seth, Ryan, Calypso, and Nyx. You know life is good when you don’t have time to blog it!

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