Back Home Again!

Yay!  We are back in our RV in Heart of the Forest Campground in Wellston.  I know my Mom has to breathing a sigh of relief.  She graciously invited us (and we gratefully accepted!) to come a stay with her while Bill recuperated from surgery.  That was 23 days ago. Bill is doing remarkably well.  […]

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Home Sweet Texas

May 12 – We are enjoying Texas and spending time with Beth.  Bill is really enjoying the “fruits” of her labors – she brought over warm berry crisp and left the extras for his breakfast. Today Beth took us to Rose’s Seafood Market and was my navigator in the store.  We came away with the […]

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On The Road – Take 3

It has taken three attempts for us to be on the road again – this time we did it!  We left Osprey Cove at 0935 hrs. and traveled I10 West for the day.  Last week we were getting ready for our first try and the truck developed a severe case of fatigue – seriously lost […]

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