Wellston, MI to Fort Rucker, AL October 9 – 12, 2022

Our summer was spent entirely in Michigan – no traveling, due in part to COVID as well as fuel prices.  We did some repair work on the Northpoint, our cabin, and the plane.  One of our highlights this summer was having our daughter visit and finish up her private pilot license with Bill. 

Mother Nature in Michigan saw Autumn on the calendar, and flipped the summer switch off on that very day!  The colors as we left the state were stunning – especially in Wellston and Cadillac.  Grateful that we could see the beauty before we left.

Sunday, October 9 was our departure date.  We pulled out at 0955hrs, it was a brisk 41 degrees that did not encourage lingering outside.  Our drive was uneventful (really appreciate those days!), and we landed in Peru, Indiana at Honey Bear Hollow Family Campground.  Our mileage was 296 miles, and we arrived to temps in the 60’s.  The campground was really pleasant, and one that is worthy of return visit.

Monday dawned bright, and we dawned a little later.  We were packed and rolling at 0955hrs again, slightly warmer temps at 52 degrees.  Our drive today took us through Louisville, and we learned an important lesson.  Next time, we will opt to pay and us the toll bridge, instead of taking the “cheap” way – which routes you downtown.  Not a pleasant trip when pulling your house.  After traveling 325 miles, we settled in Franklin, KY at Dad’s Bluegrass Campground.  Another good stopping point for the journey.  Fuel prices are similar or higher than they were in the spring.  A really disturbing discovery was the price difference at truck stops versus smaller stations.  We unhooked and took the truck into Franklin to pick up some items, and discovered that we could fuel up for almost a dollar a gallon LESS than on the interstate.  No wonder prices have gone up so much in the stores – the fuel prices for transporting merchandise is really inflated for the truckers relying on truck stops for diesel.  We added about 16 miles for shopping.

Tuesday was another lovely morning, and a little warmer at 61 degrees.  Our destination (Fort Rucker) is a little over 400 miles from us.  We made the conscious decision to take our time and enjoy the ride, so will break the distance down into two days.  We pulled out at 0940 hrs, and arrived at Jemison, AL around 1535 hrs and 275 miles later.  As we drove through Huntsville, we had to stop at the rest area with the rocket – a favorite place to just admire the scenery.  Our campground of choice was the Peach Queen Campground, and made for a good overnight stop.  They have a lovely lake for fishing, and pleasant surroundings.  Temp was 81 when we arrived, which necessitated a wardrobe change.  Shorts and T-shirts were much more comfortable. 

We woke up Wednesday to clouds, 70 degrees, and drizzle.  This persisted for about half of our drive, with a little thunder and lightening thrown in for effect.  We left at 0955hrs (pretty consistent considering we haven’t been using an alarm or planning a departure time), and arrived 146 miles later at Engineer Beach Campground at Fort Rucker.  Temps in the mid 80’s welcomed us, along with humidity and the rain caught up with us.  We sat up camp, and were treated to a home-cooked dinner with Walt and Alyssa, and met the new family members Wolfie and Payzlee.

Total Miles traveled (including fuel stops after unhooking) – 1,057.

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