Day 3 – Back in the USA!!!


Woke up to a beautiful morning – and celebrated with a 2-mile walk.  I discovered this tiny little cemetery with one lone headstone.  It was a family cemetery with them sharing the headstone.  Also encountered these lovely sunflowers.

We pulled out of the campground at 0930 hrs. and headed east on 401.  Ontario is a lovely province to drive through.  Driving was pleasant, skies were cloudy and overcast, and traffic was generally light.  At one of our rest stops (we finally learned that rest areas as we know them are combined with fuel and food stops), we enjoyed a lunch that included Poutine, and I discovered “London Fog” from Tim Horton’s.  London Fog is steamed milk, Earl Grey tea, and a shot of vanilla flavoring.  I think I will be trying this one at home.


At 1320 hrs., we warped into Quebec, and immediately noticed a lack of English translations on road signs.  This was an eye-opening experience for us – realizing what non-English speaking visitors in the US are exposed to.

It has been interesting to see the reaction others have to our “home”.  At one stop, two couples spent a fair amount of time taking pictures of our rig, and of Bill’s front license plate (Retired USAF plate).  It caused quite a stir in the campground last night as well.  Most of the camping rigs we have seen on the road are much smaller than ours, or than the ones we see in the US.

Warping into Vermont occurred around 1615 hrs., after passing through US Customs.  Kind of strange, but the US Customs officer was a lot less friendly than the Canadian yesterday.  Today, he did a cursory glance at the inside of the rig and finally waved us through.  He did leave our hand rail extended, and we didn’t notice that for a while.  Our home tonight if Maple Grove Campground in Fairfax, Vermont.  It is a Passport America campground, small and very friendly.  It is challenging for big rigs, though, with tight turns and narrow roads.  Unfortunately, parking seems limited, with most vehicles parked along the road.  If you’ve driven a large rig, you appreciate the need for wider drives.  Bill parked us like the pro that he is – and in front of an audience.  It was potluck night, and the gathering spot was right behind our campsite.  We’re going to spend two nights here, and create our plan of attack for New England.


Miles today:  292, and 906 total.

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