October 6 – PA-MD-WV-VA

Another gentle start to the day – this is becoming an enjoyable habit!  It was a misty morning with occasional spurts of rain.

On moving day, we start the process as we wake up.  Most important is to get the coffee on for Bill!  I start packing up each room – a successful move requires making sure all doors and drawers are secure – including shower doors, cabinets, and closets.  Missing this little step means you get to reorganize your closets, drawers, and cabinets – whether you planned on doing that or not!  All surfaces have to be clear – personal care items in the shower have to move to the floor of the shower (or you find them scattered about), items on the bathroom counter are moved to the sink to prevent unplanned takeoffs with landings in the toilet, and kitchen counters must be cleared.  One time, the coffee pot was overlooked – fortunately, it landed on a soft surface, and we just had a water mess to dry up.  Before the slides are retracted, we make sure the floor is clear of anything that might prevent the slides from coming in.  Furniture must be secured so it doesn’t damage other items.  Generally, I take care of stowing the inside, and Bill buttons up the outside.

I also pack snacks for us to avoid fast food, although we do appreciate fuel stops to refill the coffee cup and find a pastry for Bill.

Anyway – today we traveled through Pennsylvania, Maryland, West Virginia, and finally landed 4 hours later in Virginia.  We are camped at the Shenandoah Valley Campground Mount Jackson.  Seems to be a really nice campground and there is a great variety of places/things to explore.

We were treated to a delicious supper of Pot Roast and Fresh Apple Pie – courtesy of our daughter Beth – she just happened to be in the neighborhood!  She took time out of her vacation (we truly appreciate this, knowing that she doesn’t take vacations) to cook for us, and is planning on spending a couple days exploring with us.

Piper is really enjoying the visits with her kids.


Miles today:  186.5

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