October 14 – 17 – Savannah, and the Search Continues…

After our late start and lack of success searching, we made the short trip to Savannah.  Our destination was Creekfire RV Resort – a campground that participates in Passport America.  Another winner!  Easy access from the interstate, and impressive first impressions.  The staff is warm, friendly and welcoming.  The campground is well planned with nice sites – and they are expanding by another 100 sites and 2 more pools.  This lovely Live Oak tree greets you as you drive into the campground:


After setting up, we continued the search for the wallet as we continued to secure (as much as possible) accounts and identities.  Here is a tip:  make a list of everything you have in your wallet – include account numbers and forms of ID.  We were finally in the land of internet signal again, so it became easier to take care of some business.

One thing they didn’t tell us when we checked in would have been nice to know.  We were located very near Hunter Army Airfield and Fort Stewart – actually closer to Fort Stewart.  At Fort Stewart, they have live artillery range training.  We had been on a walk and heard what we thought was thunder – except you could “feel” it, and there were absolutely no clouds in the sky.  (We found out about the live artillery practice on Thursday when we were leaving.)  The campground had a great walking trail around their small lake.  The lake came stocked with resident alligators – we visually verified their presence.  This little fellow joined us as we were setting up – he was a stellar jumper – easily jumped 2-3 feet high each time!


Tuesday morning dawned rainy – the kind of day that lures you into a lazy state.  Fighting that off – I did a quick video workout and headed out to walk in the rain.  Bill called Hunter to see about replacing his ID, and they encouraged him to come in as a walk-in.  We left for Hunter, expecting a wait to be helped with the ID, so we were armed with distractions (magazine and knitting).  Arriving at Pass and ID, we didn’t even have the chance to take a seat and wait!  New ID was quickly issued, and we visited the Post Exchange.  Last week, I was devastated to discover that my (very old) raincoat no longer kept the rain out – so I threw it out.  This morning, I was missing my raincoat.  Fortunately, the Exchange had one – that fit well and wasn’t an outlandish color.  Since it was raining cats and dogs, we made the purchase – along with a new wallet for Bill to start filling.  We finished off the day with a lunch date, then returned home so I could work.  These lovely water lilies were at a strip mall:

Wednesday was our designated “explore Savannah” day.  Savannah was our first stop on our honeymoon 31 ½ years ago.  Well, actually our second stop – the first one being a fuel stop – but that’s another story.  We landed in Savannah and spent more time there than we planned due to weather – before we flew to Orlando (yep, we went to Disney on our Honeymoon)!  Back to Wednesday…as we were dressing to leave, Bill pulled out a pair of slacks…the same slacks he had on last Sunday when the wallet went missing.  Honestly, we looked in all the clothing we thought he wore on Sunday.  Obviously we didn’t.  I took pictures of him on Sunday.  I looked at them when we were looking for the wallet.  I was sure he was wearing shorts. Khaki shorts.  That’s what I saw in the pictures.  I went back and looked at them again.  Nope.  For sure, it was slacks.  Needless to say, relief and celebration were the order of the day!  (I had asked for an unspoken prayer request, and my prayer warrior friends came through big time!)

Savannah is a frequent and favorite haunt.  We enjoyed walking the River Walk, watching the ships, watching people, sampling pralines, and visiting the Waving Girl and the Olympic Flame.  The weather started to deteriorate, so we headed back home after having supper out.  Later in the evening, the weather cleared.  The pool and hot tub were deserted, so we enjoyed our own private soak in the hot tub (the highly chlorinated hot tub) and watching the stars appear as the clouds cleared.

Creekfire RV Resort – be sure to stop if you’re looking for a campground in Savannah!  https://www.creekfirerv.com/

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