Day 4 – Family Time

After a leisurely, lazy start to the day – coffee for Bill, No Excuses Workout for me – we hit the road at 1115.  We “warped” into Wisconsin about 5 minutes later.  Warping is something we started with the kids when they were little.  When we approach a state line, Bill starts a 3-2-1 countdown, while we all lick/moisten our lips, then we try to “warp” (which is actually accomplished by making a popping sound) simultaneously while crossing the state line.  Bill used to tell the kids it was to get us out of one state and into the next state without being sucked back into the state we were leaving.  Almost 30 years, and even without the kids, we still warp at state lines.  Heck, I warp when I am driving alone across state lines!


Anyway – we enjoyed a lovely driving day through Wisconsin.  The small towns are lovely, and the desire to stop and explore each one is strong.  We stopped at a roadside park by the Brule River and poked around a bit.


It wasn’t long before we warped into Minnesota and reached out destination – Aunt Estie and Uncle Floyd’s home in Hermantown.  I still have a hard time not calling it the Funny Farm.  In my heart, it will always be that.  I can’t imagine a person in the world that would not want to have grown up here.  Everywhere you look, there is love and acceptance.  Everyone (2 legs and/or 4 legs) is welcomed, and they all get along together (except today, with Piper the Princess.  So she stays locked in her ivory tower and is missing the fun!).  My childhood was great – don’t get me wrong – but this is the kind of place that every kid dreams about (at least to my way of thinking).  I was lucky – I got to come for visits – and still do.  Here is more detail about this cool place from a visit last year:


Total miles traveled today:  115/ total 616.  We were off the road by 1500 and deep into coffee and chatting in the sunshine!

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