Day 3 – Exploring Ironwood, Unexpected “Compliments”

No mileage today!  We were tourists out and about Ironwood.  As usual, Bill started the day with coffee, I started with an interval workout.

As we walked the streets in town, we found this cool old sign – you can still see the dog and record player on the RCA sign!


Our road trip book recommended Joe’s Pasty Shop – so that was our lunch stop.  Wonderful pasties – and very worth the stop.

Continuing on, we found Hiawatha – he’s been standing there since June 1964.  Looks pretty good for a guy his age…at 52 feet tall, he is impressive.

We visited the town museum and learned about mining and enjoyed a long chat with the volunteer that was on duty for the day.

Bill indulged me with a visit to Wakefield to check out a local yarn store that I visited last year.  I indulged him with some pastries from a local bakery.  While I was conducting research in the yarn store, Bill was collecting steps on the main street.  A local lady pulled up next to him and advised him that he had a “nice a$$”.  (Yes, ladies – eat your heart out – he’s all mine!)  Bill says that was the highlight of the yarn store trip for him!  The highlight for me was adding some super soft, luscious yarn to my collection.  Already have a project in mind for it.  The yarn store is actually Nanette’s Knit’s and Gifts.  She has a lovely yarn selection, some from her own alpacas.  Nanette also has her brother’s hummingbird and oriole feeders in stock – they are wonderful!  Her link is listed – she ships items on request.


We returned home to a supper of Crab Louis salad and rest for Bill, work for Betty.  The day ended with a sunset walk – he made me walk to Wisconsin and back!

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