Day 6 – Blessings in Bemidji, Peeks in the Rearview Mirror

We awoke to a gentle rain on the roof and once again started the day gently.  This could get to be a way of life for us.  After coffee for Bill, and snuggles with Piper for me, the day started to take shape.

Terri (our first Bemidji blessing), the lady that owns the campground (the campground is the second blessing), recommended a glass repair shop yesterday.  Bill called them when they opened.  Travis, our third blessing) was more than accommodating.  Yes, he could repair the window – bring it in today, and it will be ready in the morning.  He offered to bring Bill back to the campground.  By the time Bill took the truck in, Travis had secured a vehicle for us to use while we were waiting for the truck to be fixed (another blessing).

I finished an interval workout, then started working.  We had Taco soup for lunch – love that recipe, and it was a soup kind of day.  By the time I finished working, the sun decided to make an appearance.  Bill had the laundry finished while I worked – so we were ready to tackle the afternoon.

We drove into town and walked 3.5 miles while exploring.  We walked through Bemidji State University campus on Lake Bemidji – a lovely setting.  There are some very friendly chipmunks that have no fear of people, either that or they love to pose for the camera!  We have been enjoying learning about the Native American culture that is very prevalent here.  Makes me wish I had time to read in depth about each of the little towns we traverse.


Following the recommendation of our Road Trip book, we had supper at Brigid’s Pub.  Bill enjoyed Guinness Stew and a local IPA beer, and I had Shepherd’s Pie.


Peeks in the Rearview Mirror – Looking back at yesterday and today, I am so thankful we followed God’s nudges:  1.  We didn’t stay at the first campground we found because they just weren’t friendly.  2.  We did stay here at Royal Oaks – and look what He provided!

Traveling to Bemidji?  We strongly recommend Royal Oaks Campground (see link on yesterday’s blog), Darrell’s Auto Glass, and Brigid’s Irish Pub  Definitely check out the walking trails around this town – it is very friendly!

Miles traveled:  none today!

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