Day 7 – Bemidji to Larimore, Birthdays, and Treasures

True to his word, Travis had the truck window installed and ready for pick up before noon.  We were on the road by 1230 hrs.  We both agree that we would return to Bemidji for more exploring if the opportunity presented itself.

As we traveled west, we left the Great Northwoods behind and entered the Great Plains.  We passed several prairies.  Much flatter terrain now, and the sky looks vast.  The clouds today were gorgeous – multi-layered and everything from high, thin cirrus to heavy dark thunderclouds.  It was interesting to watch the rain showers move across the land.  We encountered a little bit of rain, and one thunderclap – otherwise a lovely driving day.

It was especially heartwarming to drive through Bagley, MN.  There was a Veteran’s Memorial with service flags, the US Flag, and several others.  Along with the dedication plaques was a very large (with very large print) plaque with the Pledge of Allegiance on it.  Right there along the main street!

We warped into North Dakota at 1515 hrs.  More prairie land, flat and green.  The crops of corn appear very short in stature.  Maybe 6-8 inches tall, some a foot high.  It was windy during our drive – headwinds, of course.


Around 1600 hrs. we started looking for a place to stop.  What a delight to find Larimore Dam Recreation Area!  This beautiful little campground comes complete with Otto Bremer Foundation Nature Trails, and Myra’s Arboretum.  Looks like opportunities for fishing, walking, cycling, and truly appreciating the beautiful surroundings.  We snuck in a mile and a half walk through the arboretum – there is quite a large variety of trees.


Bill took me out to dinner for my birthday – our choices were VERY limited.  We ate at Larson’s Diner, had a scoop of strawberry-rhubarb crumble ice cream, then returned home for our walk.  Earlier this morning, I knocked out a No Excuses Workout and 3.3 mile walk while waiting to leave.  This has been an absolutely wonderful way to celebrate my birthday.  (Only way to top this would be to have all my family around me – but it’s all good.)


Traveling through so many small towns is indeed a treasure.  It seems a slower, gentler pace for life.  People smile more, talk to strangers kindly, and seem more patient.  The lack of harried traffic is greatly appreciated.  It would be easy to make extended stays in so many of these places.  The air is cleaner, the land is cleaner, and the general air of friendliness is refreshing.


Miles traveled today:  145.  Miles traveled this trip:  900.  We have approximately 1400 to get to Everett, Washington – where 2 ends.

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