Day 10 – Worldly Cities and Farmland

The storms from last night finally subsided after midnight.  Those were some impressive storms – as much as I like weather systems and cloud formations, the winds really had me worried.  The mosquitoes at Sleeping Buffalo were outrageous.  They went for any bare skin they could find – and didn’t waste any time once they found it.  Even Deep Woods Off didn’t seem to bother them.  Bill reminded me to include seeing a coyote on our travels yesterday.

Saying our goodbyes to Sleeping Buffalo Hot Springs this morning at 0935, we jumped back on 2.  According to our guidebook, we would be traveling to/through Malta, Dunkirk, Kremlin, Havre, Zurich, Inverness, Harlem, and Tampico.  Tiny little Malta brought a delightful surprise – Decaf Coffee!  Bill drinks the real stuff only – but I only drink decaf, and then only on occasion.  Haven’t seen decaf in the gas stations now in several days.  Since I only want one cup, it’s not worth making just for me.  We also learned that towns were named randomly by the Great Northern Railway.  Although the names are impressive, the towns are very small.  The primary scenery today was farmland, grain silos, cattle, horses, and trains.  Trains that go on forever!  We were treated to the sighting of a pronghorn antelope in one field.  Another field appeared to have a bumper crop of chives in blossom.


We drove through more areas that were reminiscent of the Alaska Highway – no roads!



Once through Cut Bank, MT we began to see mountains.  Absolutely magnificent – green, bluish-gray, and sprinkled with snow.  Our elevation today varied from 2,350 ft to start up to a high of +5,000 ft.  Tonight we have stopped in Essex, MT on the border of Glacier National Park.  Tomorrow will be dedicated to exploring the park.  We seem to be tucked in a little valley of sorts – surrounded by mountains.  There is no cell service, but they have a “booster” located in the pavilion that allows internet connectivity in a very limited sense.  No TV, no internet.  Looks like a great opportunity to pull out the Scrabble Board.  And we are very serious about Scrabble games in this house!


Miles traveled today:  297.  Total trip miles 1714.



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