Day 11 – Rest Day

The day started a little rough for me, so we eased into the day.  It is lovely being surrounded by mountains, blue sky, and puffy white clouds.  The cold breeze – well, it was tolerable.

We both have some fitness goals that we are working hard to meet.  Bill is committed to completing 500 miles (walk/run) in 2019 – needing to complete about 1.4 miles day.  I am working on 1200 for 2019.  We also both aim for a minimum of 10,000 steps per day.  Today was a challenge to meet those.  Most of mine were accomplished piecemeal – tiny bits here and there – but we both met our goals.

In the afternoon, we drove to Glacier National Park – West Entrance.  A word to the wise – if you’re looking to camp – plenty of campgrounds west of the park that are closer.  We chose our park because it was listed as being in Essex and close to the Park.  It is a 45-minute drive from here to the GN Park entrance.  While this campground is nice – we would prefer to be closer.  We also got a preview of where we will be pulling the house on Monday.  It will be more than a 45-minute drive, and a rather tense drive – at least for the passenger.  I was white-knuckling it today, and no house behind us.  Bill says being the driver is easier because he is always on the inside and can’t see what DOESN’T exist on the other side of the guardrail.  The Park looks very interesting for the small part we viewed.  We went to the Lake McDonald Lodge to see if we could get sets on the Red Bus Tour for Sunday.  At first glance, the concierge told us they were likely to be full, but he was able to find seats for the 4-hour Alpine tour.  It includes traveling the Highway to the Sun, turning around at Logan’s Pass.

For those of you that know me, you know I have really big issues with heights.  Tomorrow will take me so far out of my comfort zone that it will be like entering a new galaxy.

Our wild critter of the day today was maybe a prairie dog?  Except they looked smaller than we’ve seen before.  But they were cute!

No forward miles today, just exploring miles.  Added an extra day here so we can take the tour.

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