Day 13 – Into Idaho!

Scheduled departure time:  When we felt like it.

Actual departure time:  0940 hrs

Today was a beautiful day for driving – sunny, few puffy white clouds, winds were light.  One last trip to Glacier – actually not stopping – but last time for that challenging drive.  Once you are past the Park, driving becomes much easier.  We were lucky to spot some more bighorn sheep as we approached the park.  The scenery continues to be lovely – very inviting in it’s green growing beauty.  But it makes you think about what it must be like in the winter.  Just guessing that it could be very bleak and desolate.  I admire the folks that live in northern Montana year round.

We warped into Idaho at 1415 Mountain Time, and shortly thereafter discovered that we entered the Pacific Time Zone.  The views continue to be stunning.


Our travels through Idaho will be short, only about 75 miles of US 2 – or so we read.  We opted to stop in Sandpoint Idaho…not a good decision.  We wanted a campground with full hook-ups, and were planning a 2-night stop to take care of some routine stuff.  The truck needed an oil change, we needed a few groceries, and some general house cleaning.  Today is July 1, and we are rapidly approaching a traditional camping holiday.  We ended up getting a spot at the Edgewater Best Western Hotel and RV Resort.  Sounds fancy, yes?  Ughhhhh….  The hotel doesn’t look bad.  The “RV Park” is little more than a parking lot across the street.  It is not big rig friendly, and it IS a testament to Bill’s ability to maneuver into tight spots.  We’ll be leaving in the morning.

Sandpoint is obviously a tourist-type spot – but not intended for camping – at least where we are.

Miles traveled:  246 today/ 1960 miles total (not including miles driving around towns).

We did find some good spots for walking, with some really cool views:

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