Day 14 – Wilbur and Charlotte and the Web

It is a pleasure to say that we departed at 0925 hrs (after coffee and an interval workout) – sadly I did not take pictures of the campground that wasn’t.  Fortunately, we rejoined US2 in short order, and went on our merry way.

We warped into Washington at 1000 hrs. and were cruising through Spokane shortly after that.

As we moved west, we noticed a remarkable difference in the landscape.  We were back in farmland – beautiful fields of grain blowing in the breeze, and very few trees.  Apparently, the territory we are in is a “natural desert” in Washington – averaging only 10 inches of rain per year.  The reason we were seeing the beautiful crops is because of irrigation that has been incorporated.

Still moving west, I started calling to find a campground for the night.  As one might expect, given the impending holiday, available sites were very rare.  We were delighted to discover that Goose Creek RV Park and Campground had a site for us for 2 nights.  Our next goal is to be in McMinnville, OR on the 4th or 5th so that we can tour the Evergreen Aviation and Space Museum and hopefully squeeze in a family visit.

Goose Creek is a lovely little campground located on US 2 in Wilbur, WA.  The hosts are warm and welcoming, the campground is pretty and well maintained.  After setting up, I worked and Bill tended to some maintenance issues.  After supper, we laced up to walk the town and explore.  Here are some views of the town:


Then we found Wilbur!  And Charlotte in her web!  Happy childhood memories…

These lovely Peace Roses are in front of City Hall – along with the memorial plaque.

City Park is along a little creek with this really cool Weeping Willow tree:

Internet and cell service is limited, so this will be posted on the 3rd.

Miles traveled – 140 today, trip total – 2,100.


Goose Creek Campground:





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