Day 15 – Wilbur, Pippin, and Grand Coulee Dam

What a glorious day!  Well, most of it…sunrise in this part of the world is at 0500 hrs – and it starts getting light earlier than that.  Which means the birds start singing anytime around 0400 hrs.  Their many morning songs are beautiful though – and the sunrise is also.

You can see forever around here.  Very few trees, houses, and people.  Wilbur is a very friendly town with an enviable pace of life.  We jumped on board with that pace – and enjoyed a slow start with our usual routine.  Coffee for Bill, an Iron Strength Express workout video for me.  Work for me, maintenance stuff for Bill.  By 11:30 – we were free souls!

We laced up and walked to the mailbox (about 3 blocks away), then to Constantine’s Alibi Bar and Restaurant for lunch.  They have a “Service Cat” – Pippin – I believe his unique service gift is that of demonstrating the carefree stress-free lifestyle for patrons.  Apparently, he is the “town cat” and visits the Alibi most often.


The trip to Grand Coulee Dam was pleasant, took us about 45 minutes.  The landscape continues to fascinate me.  No tours were being offered today, so we watched a film about the building of the dam and enjoyed learning at the Visitors Center.  An unexpected bonus was the Celebrate America Festival being held at the site.  We indulged in a funnel cake and fresh lemonade while marveling at the engineering feats in front of us.  We capped off our touring by visiting the Wilbur Airport – which appears to be mainly used for crop dusting.

Back at home, we indulged in some serious relaxing – feet up, reading, knitting, belly-scratching Piper, just purely enjoying the glorious day.  Our 4th of July dinner/picnic was today since we’ll be on the road in the morning.  BBQ ribs, salad, and strawberry shortcake.

We will be leaving here in the morning, well-rested and relaxed.  Friends – if you travel US2 through Wilbur – we highly recommend stopping at Goose Creek RV Park.  They are big rig friendly, and if you’re doing the road trip with pulling your home, they have cabins for rent.  Debbie and Gary Reeve are the owners – extremely welcoming, warm and friendly!  Park is pet-friendly, has WiFi, a laundry, and rest room facilities.  Need to know anything about the area?  Just ask your hosts!

No travel miles – just touring!

I know I posted this link already, but will throw it up one more time:

Also, if you are traveling and looking for a way to maintain your fitness – consider checking out Energy Up.  No equipment needed (or it is optional) – a ton of modifications to fit ANY fitness level, and thousands of videos to choose from.  Lots of coaches with lots of exercise options.

**Links throughout our blog site posts are posted because we like/recommend them – no other reason!



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