Day 17 – Evergreen Aviation and Space Museum and Dinner with Friends

50 miles on the road today as we traveled back to McMinnville to the museum.  If you haven’t visited, it is truly worth the visit.  The museum participates in the Harvest Hosts program, and allows 2 nights of camping.  We are just doing one – but thoroughly enjoyed our visit – finishing up about 5 minutes before they locked the doors.

We enjoyed a special treat this evening – had dinner with Karen and Charlie Burcher and enjoyed catching up with Karen and meeting her new husband Charlie.  Another blessing to this wonderful day.

I am throwing a bunch of pictures up from the museum – if you’re not an airplane aficionado, you’ll want to stop right here!

Evergreen Aviation and Space Museum:

Miles traveled:  50 today (in the car) – and probably 5 or 6 on foot wandering around the museum and grounds.



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