Day 18 – Lazy Road Day

We definitely eased into the day – on the road about 1030 hrs.  Our drive started heading north east – back to Portland to join US26 heading East.  It was kind of tense for a while – lots of little bustling, busy, traffic-congested towns before we broke free.  Portland had several tent cities along the streets that homeless people had constructed – very sobering to see how many there were.

Mount Hood was obscured by clouds as we approached, and finally cleared for a farewell view.  We drove out of wine country, and into the foothills of the Cascades.  A brief roadside stop to pick up some Mount Ranier Cherries and Black Sweet Cherries for snacking was accomplished before we drove out of civilization.

After we left Mount Hood National Forest, we entered the Warm Springs Reservation area – the rock formations were beautiful, as were the green pine forests.

From there, we drove through the Crooked River National Grasslands – again, lovely terrain – and such a variety in the 176 miles we drove today.  We landed in Prineville, OR for the day.

Being off the road by 1600 hrs., we had time to take the truck to town for a bath.  It destroyed our rather impressive and extensive bug collection – but we’ll start another one in the morning.  After supper, we walked through a local park, then into town.  Apparently, Prineville is the County Seat.  They have a lovely Courthouse, as well as several local parks.

Tomorrow we will likely land in Idaho – much farther south than our last visit!


Total miles today:  176.  Total trip:  2746 miles.

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