Day 21 – ID Isn’t So Bad After All!

This lovely Tuesday started out slow (Piper and I were up protecting the RV from a really magnificent thunderstorm a couple counties away) and easy.  Our KOA provided Belgium waffles and coffee for breakfast – so we allowed ourselves the treat.  Bill and I noticed some calf soreness after our hike yesterday – remember, we are flatlanders – definitely not used to climbing.

The drive today was very pleasant – a combination of US 20/26/Interstate 15 through sagebrush and farmland with mountains providing the backdrop.  Lots of snow visible in the Rockies.  We saw a couple Marmot while driving and really gorgeous cattle…prompting visions of steak, burgers, and all things beef.

Our campground hostess provided excellent directions to Yellowstone Golf Resort and RV Park at Aspen Acres.  Good thing – you’d never believe there was a campground where we found it.  To look at the layout map of the sites, you would think it was just a hodgepodge.  This is not true.  Once in the campground, it is obvious that the sites were placed by someone that has real-life honest-to-goodness experience backing RVs into a site.  Another bonus – the sites are large, and although neighbors are close by, it doesn’t feel like it.  We are not all lined up in a row, so that our windows line up with one another.  The campground has a warm welcoming air about it – an unwritten invitation to set up your lawn chair, set in your lawn chair, and drink in the view.  The sites are well-maintained, with picnic tables you aren’t afraid to use and a firepit that isn’t full of trash and will hold a decent fire.  Our hostess, Sherri, has already been by to check on us.  For our RV friends that like to golf – this is on a beautiful golf course.  For our non-golfing friends – we are encouraged to walk the golf course – just staying out of the way of the golfers.  The park participates in Passport America – so camping is half price.

Here is a picture of the view of this area:

Today was a short day, we were off the road by 1345 hrs, camp set up by 1400 hrs, and accepting the invitation to set back and relax.  We are taking the rest of the afternoon off, resting up for Yellowstone tomorrow.

Miles traveled today:  127/ trip total 3340.


Yellowstone Golf and RV Resort at Aspen Acres:


Passport America:

One thought on “Day 21 – ID Isn’t So Bad After All!

  1. I hope I did this right. We are finally finished with all of the butterflies. We did the 25 plus at least 55 other releases. On Oct 3 was the last 3. Our nest is empty now. The children are on their own! Carl went through surgery for his hernia 3 wks ago and was back golfing on the second week. The site looks terrific. Love you both and keep getting the history of these united states on your travels. Just had to tell you the good news.


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