Day 22 – Old Faithful



Today was spent exploring Yellowstone and Old Faithful.  It was a short visit and we left filled with awe and wonder at the amazing sights in the park.

Getting into the park took a bit, we waited patiently in line with LOTS of other people.  Piper stayed home because the temps were forecast in the high 80’s.  Each of the marked attractions had at least 100 people milling about, and it appeared to be a meeting of world peoples.  So many languages and nationalities represented.

Although the park boasts abundant wildlife, we were only able to spot a couple young elk on our way out of the park.  What a delight to see them!


We are both really dragging today – guessing the altitude has caught up with us.  Getting our steps and miles in today was a chore – and we’re proud of every step we took.

Because there are not enough adjectives and superlatives to describe all that we saw, I’ll just post pictures.  I will mention God’s great timing, though, as we arrived about 10 minutes before Old Faithful erupted.  We weren’t able to check the predicted time since we couldn’t get cell service.








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