Day 29 – SD to MN

Spending the night on top of a hill, with no trees, in a gusty windy thunderstorm that lasted most of the night left us a little short on sleep this morning.  Finally making our way underway about 1035 hrs., we were headed East again on US14.  Our scenery was farmland – expansive farmland.  We warped from South Dakota into Minnesota at 1500 hrs. and settled into our new home at 1630 hrs. in Pipestone, MN.

No pictures today, we just enjoyed the small-town life as it unfolded before us.  After setting up camp, we drove a couple blocks into town to check out the Farmer’s Market.  It was delightful to pick up some fresh raspberries, kohlrabi, cucumbers, and radish sprouts.  Pipestone National Monument was closed for the day – so we will explore that in the morning before we leave.

We were both lacking in steps today, so took advantage of one of the walking tours published by the town.  4 miles in oppressive heat and humidity and we were ready to partake of the campground pool (where Bill performed postmortem removal of several frogs) before having a supper of caribou chorizo tacos topped with radish sprouts, and crunch on cucumber and kohlrabi.  Fresh raspberries for dessert!

Reviewing our final couple days prior to arriving at Oshkosh – originally, we planned to visit a friend, but no joy.  Now we have more latitude in our planning.

Total miles today 240; trip total 4,410.


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