The Wheels on the Truck Go Round and Round…

(Try and get that song out of your head now!)  Today was moving day.  It started pretty early, as we had to release a Monarch before the rain moved in again – and then pack up since the One Responsible For Insider Packing (that would be Betty) was doing more important stuff this week.  Actually, it is becoming easier to be ready in less time.  We pulled out of Wellston around 1030 hrs., headed to Cadillac – a whole 42 miles.  Betty was elected errand girl – doing a final mail call, getting cash for the trip, and picking up a new end table to go between our new Lazyboy chairs.  We tucked the car into the hangar with the boat and plane, tucked them all in for the winter, and wished them well.

The airport was having their Friday Lunch Gathering – so we had lunch with our airport family before leaving.  Mitch is an excellent grill master – and Karen is a natural hostess.  We are going to miss visiting with Karen, Bob J, Bob K, and Ray when we are hanging out at the airport.  There were lots of friends there today – some new, and some very familiar.

We departed the airport at 1300 hrs., pointed the truck south and east, and enjoying the very definite color change already happening in the maple leaves.  Looks like it’s going to be a great color year.  Weather was good for travel – overcast with spots of mist…until we got downstate.  Then we ran into some heavier rain and storms.

Our destination tonight is the Port Huron Township RV Park – and it appears we are just a couple miles from going International.  We pulled in – the campground hostess was kind enough to let us use two sites and do a pull-thru because of the weather – and had just enough time to put the stands down, plug in, and extend the slides before the next storm rolled in.

Since I (Betty) was low on steps, after a salad supper I headed out to explore a bit.  The sunset was beautiful, and there was a magnificent lightening show to the east of us.

Total miles today – 287

Let the adventure begin/continue!

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