Recommendations, Itchy Feet, Itchy Wheels

Hi Friends!  We’re getting ready…it’s starting to feel like Fall in Michigan – and we’re getting itchy feet/wheels.  We’ll be “On The Road Again” later this week.

In the meantime – we have two recommendations for our RV friends.  We hope you never need these – but just in case:

JC Refrigeration in Shipshewana, IN.  We have our refrigerator back in operation, and it is so much better than it was even when we first bought the rig.  The freezer will actually keep ice cream frozen, and the contents of the refrigerator UNFROZEN!!!  Imagine that!  Seriously – the folks at JC Refrigeration do a great job.  They work quickly and will tell you that they want to check their work before they let you leave.  The cooling units come with a 3 year warranty.  They also took the liberty of installing a third cooling fan so the refrigerator works better.  So far, no ice build-up – prior to this, I could have had a side business selling small icebergs.  They will let you park in their parking lot overnight (no cost, dry camping) so you don’t have to find a campground.  They promised a 4-hour job, and that is what we received.


Metal Works in Coopersville, MI (near Grand Rapids).  Ryan was recommended to us by Terrytown in Grand Rapids as an approved person to do a warranty-covered structural repair on the rig by Jayco.  Ryan got us in quickly, and completed the work in the promised time.  We have been in contact with him for other concerns, and will likely visit him if we need structural work in the future.

See you all soon – on the road!






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