Day 5 – NH Pass-thru and Maine with Friends!

We left Vermont early, around 0900 hrs.  It was a beautiful morning – there was some mist over the mountains, sunshine, and cool temps.  We drove through Fairfax and watched the sleepy town wake up for the day.  The part we drove through had a pristine little cemetery, streets lined with American Flags, and no chain restaurants or stores to be found.  Very inviting.

Our route took us on the Grand Army of the Republic Highway – VT15.  I’ve noticed a couple other highways named for military units.

We entered New Hampshire about 2 hours later, and saw lots of “Moose Crossing” signs, but nary a moose to be found.  It would be nice to see one but have no desire for any close encounters.  I imagine they would do considerable structural damage and delay our trip by at least a few days.


Passing through Bethlehem, New Hampshire we admired many lovely old stone churches and colors popping out on the maples.  The clouds started gathering and hanging low on the mountains.  There is a very large presence of Tent Worm Caterpillar webs in the trees – and our experience with them in Michigan is to realize how much destruction they cause to foliage.

We passed through Crawford Notch – the roads here are interesting, but the drive is lovely.  I am thankful that Bill is driving/pulling – you really can’t let your guard down at all.  There is a great deal of road construction – so we have been patiently waiting our turn on many one-lane road sections.


Our destination is Kokatosi Campground in Raymond, ME.  What a treasure!  It was recommended by our friends in Gray, ME.  We have a lovely campsite in a beautiful campground.


This evening, we were treated to a delicious meal of fresh spinach salad with homemade dressing, seafood chowder (fresh), and rolls – courtesy of Mike and Dave – apparently it was “men’s night” to cook – and it was outstanding!  A great time of fellowship and reunion with Mike and Cathy (Zippie, Bentley, and Bubba, too), and Dave and Kathi (Samson and Audrey as well) – fellow “Covians” from wintering in Osprey Cove.  Mike and Cathy have a beautiful home that they built – their combined talents create a warm, welcoming atmosphere while showcasing their incredible craftsmanship.

Miles traveled today:  185 miles over about 5.5 hours – did I mention there was a great deal of road construction?  I need to make a batch of cookies to start handing out to the brave men and women that control traffic flow in these areas!


Total miles:  1150 miles

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