Day 6 – SIP (Stay in Place) Day – Chores and More Friends Time

SIP days are good things.  Laundry gets done, the bathroom gets cleaned, minor repairs are attended to – and maybe a few naps are taken.  I went out for a walk – committed to 30 minutes power walking – and that plan just flew out the window.  Such an incredibly beautiful and inviting morning – and bless the folks that laid out the plan for the campground – you can get an easy mile plus a bit without ever leaving.  Roads in the area don’t appear to be walker/runner friendly – and that’s okay.  I am realizing that the North Country Trail Run marathon was actually training for this trip in disguise.  Looking back over my walking and running data since we started – I have more elevation gain and loss than I have logged in a long time.  And it feels good!  Anyway – the walk morphed into a run, 2 miles morphed into 5, and instead of thinking I just lost myself in the experience – you know – when you get so wrapped up in your surroundings and the beauty of the place that you just kind of forget everything else.


We each have our to-do lists – Bill is doing much better on checking off things than I am.  Several of my items involve using the internet – which is difficult to get more than 3G service – so slow and wait seems to be the order of the day for those items.  At least we have clean underwear and a clean bathroom!

Sharing some pictures of the campground – and their Kindness Rocks:

We ventured out for diesel, made reservation for the next couple of days, found a post office (I have some packages to mail, and left the shipping boxes in my car – which is tucked safely away in storage until we return to Michigan) and back home.

This evening, we enjoyed dinner out with Mike and Cathy at Rose’s – a delicious Italian restaurant in Windham.  Great ending to a great visit with friends.

If you ever have the occasion to visit, check out Kokatosi Campground:

Dinner suggestion:

Miles running errands and such (last evening and today) 50 – trip total 1200.

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