September 21 – Last Day of Summer – A Part of Acadia Not To Be Missed!!!

Today we explored Acadia National Park on Schoodic Peninsula.  Thankfully, one of the ladies at the office here in the park told us about this little hidden gem.  She suggested that if we enjoyed less congested areas, this might be a spot worth checking out.

As far as we are concerned – this spot is on the “must see” list.  None of the tourist trappings – and in many spots we had the park to ourselves.

It was about 30 miles from our campground – and one the way – would you believe it????  There was a yarn and craft store!  Bill, being the wonderful man that he is, turned the truck around and sat patiently in the parking lot whilst I fondled the yarn and carefully considered the very large selection of fiber they displayed (along with a multitude of crafting supplies, including basketry items).  I was able to leave the store with only one skein – and a lovely piece it is!  Ooooh – the possibilities to create wonderful things…

Then we continued on our way to the Schoodic Peninsula and arrived at the park.  They don’t even check for your park pass!  As with the larger Acadia on Mount Desert, most of the park drive is one-way with a few pull-offs for parking.  We stopped and explored the rocky shoreline, lingering, soaking up sunshine, and watching the water.

We stumbled upon an information building with a lone volunteer manning the office.  He recommended two easy hiking options for us, and suggested we purchase a hiking map from the Rockefeller Research Institute Visitors Center.  The Visitors Center was interesting, and there is quite a large educational complex hidden away.


With map in backpack, and walking sticks in hand, we set off to explore the Sun Dew Trail.  It was a short hike, only about a mile including off-shoots to explore the shore.  The surface was a mixture of packed gravel at the beginning and end with more trail-like surface in between – exposed roots, rocks, logs, a few wooden bridges.  The side trails to explore the shoreline were gorgeous.  We spent over an hour between the hiking and sitting and admiring the views.

On the way home, we stopped at the Pickled Wrinkle for supper.  A bowl of Seafood Stew (not as good as we had at Mike and Cathy’s home in Gray!), and fresh local fried clams and homemade chips for me, and Bill had a roast beef sandwich.  As we drove home in a breathtaking sunset, I again thanked God for the blessing of being able to live this lifestyle, and for Bill and his desire to share this with me.  I am truly blessed beyond belief!

We ended this most magnificent day by sitting with all our rig lights off, by a campfire, and marveled at the stars in the dark night sky.  Can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings!


66 miles today.

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