September 24 – Maine to Massachusetts

Up early, and on the road again!  We left Maine in a fine mist, cool temps, and heavy grey clouds.  The Maine Turnpike has a height warning for overpasses (I think I mentioned this before) that is reported to be 1 inch taller than we are.  In order to NOT spoil our day, we opted for other than Turnpike roads…until we got tired of stop and go traffic and not moving very far.  Then we were fortunate to get on I295 and when we rejoined I95 and the Turnpike, the height restriction seemed to be in the 14 ft. range – much more comfortable!

It appears that New England has bumper crops of apples, judging by what we’ve seen on our travels.  Maine and New Hampshire have some noticeable changes in leaf color but seems to taper off in Massachusetts.  We have warped through New Hampshire (stopped long enough for me to log a walk) and into Mass., and have settled at Hanscom AFB FamCamp.  We’ll spend several days here and explore, have a couple friends we’d like to touch base with, and plan our next move.

Traffic today was impressive.  This seems to be a lovely area – but way too populated for me.  I’m willing to put up with it so we can check out the Freedom Trail, see some of the stuff we learned about in American History, see friends, – and see at least a portion of the Boston Marathon path.  Kind of have a crazy notion to walk the whole thing – not even sure that is possible without downloading the map of the race course – nor am I sure that I want to devote a day to do that.

Spent the evening fighting with computer issues – ready to shoot the computer – or give it flying lessons.  Instead, I opted for a couple miles walking in circles around the campground.  It didn’t fix the computer, but I am not as stressed about it.

Excited about exploring tomorrow!

Saw wildlife today!!!  In Maine, we saw wild turkeys in a yard and a moose on a road sign, and in New Hampshire, we saw a ground hog!


Miles today – 275.  Total miles (including errands and side trips) 1911.5.

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