September 25 – Freedom Trail

We walked the Freedom Trail today…6 miles on the trail, and 1.5 miles back to the car.  Funny thing – everything we read and heard said it was 2.5 – 3 miles long.  We didn’t get lost and didn’t take THAT many side trips.

I was surprised at the actual Freedom Trail.  Somehow, in my mind, I expected to see less huge buildings/big city setting and more old buildings/colonial stuff.  (Small town girl mentality – and I’ll keep it that way, thank you!) We are forever grateful that we don’t live here – it’s a great place to visit…but the roads are scary, people are in a huge hurry, and they don’t seem to smile much!

Today brought happy memories – we saw “Old Ironsides” – reminds me of a dear friend that named her car Old Ironsides; and had Boston Cream Pie – this was my brothers absolute favorite dessert when he was little.  I remember trying many times to make it “just right” for him.  I felt compelled to try it – I mean, we’re in Boston, right?  Absolutely yummy!

Here are some sites from today:

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