October 8-10 – Manassas (I & II), Family Time, Exploring Mount Jackson, and North Carolina

Today was moving day – it was supposed to be yesterday – but we extended our stay to spend a little extra time with Beth.

Tuesday found us exploring Manassas – the Battles of Bull Run.  We listened to a Park Ranger talk about Bull Run I, did a walking tour of the site of the first battle, and then enjoyed a driving tour of the second battle.  Standing on the fields, and at the various sites – it is chilling to think of the number of lives lost where we stand.  The sites are now so peaceful, green and serene with trees and foliage.  It is a sobering reminder of what war does.

We ended our driving tour by stopping at Bull Run Creek/River and walking on the banks.  The bridge is beautiful, as is the river and it’s banks.

On our way home, we stopped to share a Filipino lunch and browse their grocery store.  We left with a variety of treats to sample.

Wednesday was a late start day – we met Beth at the lovely home she is staying in for her vacation and walked a bit there.  Then we went out exploring fruit and farm markets.  Apples are in season, and we bought several varieties to sample.  Several varieties were new to us, and one in particular was outstanding.  Ashmead’s Kernel is an old variety, and very tasty.  It is also a very ugly apple – lopsided, green and brown – nothing like a pretty red apple.  I have a half peck that I hope to turn in to apple butter – should be outstanding!  Apples fresh from the tree are delightful – and comparing varieties is delicious.

We ended our time together sharing supper before dropping Beth off.  Our time together was precious indeed.  This trip has allowed us to have unplanned time with both kids – blessings we are grateful for.

This morning, we let our bodies dictate wake-up time.  At 0630 hrs., the fog was so dense that I couldn’t see across the campground.  Started the coffee brewing, and enjoyed watching the world wake up.  The fog started burning off around 0930 hrs., and we were on the road at 1000 hrs.  The original plan was to drive and find somewhere around Roanoke VA to stop.  Driving was excellent, scenery was stunning, and we just motored a bit further.   This is what I do when I am not pestering/navigation/right-seat driving:


Tonight, we are in Harmony, NC.  This is a lovely campground, just what a campground should be.  Don, the gentleman that escorted us to our site, spent some time telling us about the area.  We walked, had supper, then it was time to work.

Tomorrow is another moving day.  Destination unknown, but we’ll work on that.

Miles – 148 in Mount Jackson, VA exploring.  262 today.


VanHoy Farms Family Campground:  https://www.vanhoyfarms.com/

Shenandoah Valley Campground Mount Jackson:  https://www.shenandoahfamilycampground.com/

Ashmead’s Kernel: https://www.orangepippin.com/varieties/apples/ashmeads-kernel

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