October 11, 2019 – Harmony, NC to Goose Creek, SC (And A Joyful Realization)

Bill was a sleepyhead this morning!  He didn’t crawl out of bed until 0930 hrs.  Needless to say, we had a late start to the day.  We didn’t have a firm plan – until yesterday, we were planning to visit a volunteer organization that had sounded interesting 2 years ago.  Yesterday we decided that we probably wouldn’t volunteer with them, so took that visit off the plate.  Then we discussed heading back northeast and visiting Kill Devil Hills and Kittyhawk – but that really didn’t seem to hold much interest.  So, last night we went to bed knowing only that we would be leaving Harmony this morning.

We got in the truck and headed out of the campground STILL not knowing where we were headed.  A month ago this would have made me act like a crazy person (okay – more than I normally do).  I realized – quite joyfully – that I was really okay with not knowing.  I grabbed the atlas and starting perusing possibilities.  We have several resources for camping – Passport America, Military Campgrounds, Good Sam, KOA, and Harvest Hosts (before we resort to Google).  After some discussion, we secured reservations at Foster Creek Campground on NWS Charleston (Military) for two nights.  We also decided it was time to visit Savannah again (one of our honeymoon stops) AND we moved our date into NS Mayport from the 18th to the 17th.  We called NWS Charleston back and extended 1 day, and reserved 3 days in Savannah at a Passport America campground – Creekfire Motor Ranch.

At the moment, we have plans until November 30 or so – unless we decide we don’t have plans.  I am learning that it’s okay to not lock oneself into plans – or feel compelled to plan everything out.

We arrived at Foster Creek Campground around 1545 hrs.  What a delightful place!  This one will go on the list of places to revisit.  We walked around the non-secured side of the base and explored, then returned home to supper.  It is time for a little preventive maintenance on the truck – an oil change is in order.  And I want a low country seafood boil – not at a restaurant – but made in my own kitchen, so a visit to the seafood market/commissary is in order.  I expect that we will get up in the morning when we wake up (as opposed to an alarm) and peruse our opportunities for the day.  And do the same for Sunday – we’ve already found the base chapel, and the Protestant service starts at 1000 hrs.

This little guy jumped out of the electricity stand on my hand:


Look at our map now!

Miles traveled today:  252.  Trip total:  4,114.5


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