Loving Life!

We’ve been in place for 2 weeks, and are so blessed by our time here in “the Cove”.  Our winter “Cove Family” is slowly returning and we are enjoying delightful reunions.

Last week, we were treated to a variety of entertainment on the beach.  The Marines were conducting exercises on the beach and ocean using amphibious craft, the fish were biting in grand fashion, and the Blue Angels and other aircraft were practicing for the airshow over Jacksonville Beach.  We felt obligated – it was the very least we could do to show our appreciation – to strategically place ourselves on the beach and observe everything.


Bill did an excellent job catching blue fish for our dinner – and a delicious dinner it was!


Piper joined us on the beach to carefully observe all the goings on.



I have been enjoying my morning walks to the Fitness Center and partaking of the fitness classes and equipment available.  Here are a few sites from my morning walks:  (I didn’t get a picture of the large alligator swimming in stealth mode in the lake – the little one will have to do!).


The weather this past weekend was not conducive to an airshow, but we did visit the beach again to see the flying that they were able to do.  After the final airshow, I was walking the beach doing a little clean up.  I was able to collect a t-shirt, underwear, sunglasses, and a towel.  The only thing missing was the body!


The heat and humidity has kept the “real feel” temps in the 90’s, and we’re looking forward to a cool down into the 70’s for a few days.  We have been able to extend our stay here until the end of January – and then we will head out west to work on filling up our map.

Today is Halloween – and kind of disappointing.  I was really looking forward to seeing the kids in costume – kids of all ages.  I prepared treat bags for them and had extra candy just in case.  We only had about 15 kids visit – I was ready to go out looking for them so I could hand out treat bags.  Unfortunately, the mosquitoes drove me inside.  Bill and I did enjoy the kids that came to visit.  Some really cute costumes, and very polite children.  And it was so much fun to listen to the kids when we handed them little bags – “wow, a whole bag”.

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