Virtual Postcards…Wish You Were Here!

This might the virtual equivalent of a postcard from us to you!  Fall has found us in Florida…it’s cooler here – in the low 70’s today with abundant sunshine.  Just the kind of day that begs you to go fishing on the beach.

Actually, we’ve been doing a lot of that recently.  Earlier in the week, we were wearing shorts and short sleeve shirts and appreciating the relatively cool water of the ocean.  Fishing has been great.  We’ve caught a wider variety of fish this time and have enjoyed them for dinners.

Tuesday was a day of surprises on the beach.  We were catching lots of fish – smaller ones, so we didn’t keep them.  Bill was reeling one in that was putting up a pretty decent fight, then it seemed to lose it’s “fight” pretty quickly.  This is what he reeled in – and I’m wondering how big the one that got away was!

Yep – that is a whiting head – minus the body.  The fish was properly hooked, so the fish he caught was bait to something much larger (because that would have been a “keeper” whiting).  Then he caught a pompano – really lovely coloring – and just a tad under legal limit – so he threw that one back to grow some more.  Later that afternoon, I was reeling in a fish when the line just went limp!  Something (shark?) bit off my whole fishing rig – hook, line, and sinker!  You could feel the rough gouges in the fishing line.

Piper enjoyed her beach time – she was a tired puppy that evening.

Friday was windy – strong winds – howling from the northeast.  We were getting a little restless from staying in out of the weather.  The three of us headed to the beach for a short walk.  The beach, not surprisingly, was deserted.  Not only was it windy, it was cold, grey, and windy.  As we walked, we noticed the C Tractors were in the river – that means a ship is going out or coming into the basin.  In the distance, we could see the shape of a vessel.  As it chugged in closer, we could see the outline of the New York!!!  We have missed seeing it since we’ve been back.  What a delight to watch it approach and snuggle in to it’s rightful place.  Just like a well-choreographed dance, it slid right in.

Yesterday started out with the wind still howling.  I went for a 5-mile walk – walking to the north on the beach was a good cardio workout.  Southbound was a delight.  Walking on the beach in that wind means you come home with a fine sand coating.  I had the opportunity to dust off my baking skills and thoroughly enjoyed it.  One of our neighbors had a small gathering at their campsite.  We enjoyed supper together and chatted into the evening.  It is a privilege and blessing to know and share life with these wonderful friends.  I should have taken pictures – but we were busy talking and eating, and my phone never came out of my pocket.

Church at the Chapel today was great.  Wonderful music, and Chaplain Shaddix brought us a message from the book of James about the power of the tongue and effects of our words.  After lunch, we decided to take advantage of the beach and chance to fish again.  Another excellent afternoon of fishing.  We caught a flounder (another first for us), and it was big enough to keep.


We also caught a couple whiting that were keepers – so it was flounder and whiting baked in white wine and herbs for supper.  The tacos will keep for tomorrow.  We lost count of the fish we caught and released – same as last Tuesday.  The big difference from today and Tuesday?  Check out Bill’s attire!  On the top, he is modeling a turtleneck and fleece hoodie.  His Carhart shorts on the bottom are his lucky fishing shorts (?)!  Anyway – we were both dressed for “up north” weather on the top, and beach on the bottom.

We are so thankful for the opportunities and friends we are sharing here, and we miss our Michigan friends and family.  So, to all of you that aren’t here with us – miss you all and wish you were here!





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