Dumonts Are NOT on the Road Again!

By this time, we had planned to be headed west to see Beth in Texas, our brother Mike and sister Kathy in Oklahoma, and the Grand Canyon, and finish our state map.  You all know the story.  We have been fortunate enough to be able to stay in Mayport at Osprey Cove.  Things are very quiet.  The campground is closed until May 11.  At first, we thought that meant we had to leave – and were trying to figure out the logistics of getting back to Michigan in the quickest way possible.  What a relief to discover that since we were already here, we could run out our 180 days.  That gives us more time, and Michigan more time warm up.

There are so many valuable lessons to be learned from this experience.  And so many things to be grateful for.  Although it does feel like someone slammed on the brakes – I am learning to appreciate the less busy lifestyle.

I’m sure that some of you may be thinking that we already lead a “less busy” lifestyle.  I thought we did.  Now I realize just how many little projects Bill does to improve or refine our home, vehicles, and campsite.  This is true wherever we are.  I realize how often I would go to run errands, or to the fitness center.  Bill is still working on little projects but being careful that they won’t require trips to the store.  Now I am focusing on making sure that we have what we need to avoid trips to the store.  It’s amazing how many things you can do without, and how creative one can get.  Before the “run” on toilet paper, I had it on my store list – which meant we were on our last roll.  When I went to the store, they were out of 4-packs – the size we normally buy.  Living in the 5th wheel, we can’t use the super soft stuff like Charmin or Northern.  It clogs the system.  So I was delighted to find a 12-roll pack of Scott.  Now I am more than delighted!!!

I have split my daily 5.5 mile walk or run/walk into at least 2, and sometimes 3 walks.  I enjoy sharing them with Bill, sometimes Piper is with us, and sometimes just me alone.  I appreciate the time to pray, reflect on gratitudes, and have the time to really look and see what is around me.  I am getting more knitting done – Walter has a better chance of finally getting his blanket before 2021.  As we practice “social distancing”, I realize how a smile and greeting can be a source of joy.

On a lighter note, a couple weeks ago, I was craving waffles.  Watching commercials and cooking channels will do that to you.  I have a lovely Belgian waffle maker at home in storage because it was too large to pack.  I finally did the Amazon thing, choosing a small waffle maker, judging by the pictures and printed dimensions.  Bill offered to sample the results once it arrived.  Finally we got the call that we had a package to pick up…woohoo – the waffle iron.  I found a scratch recipe and got to work.  This little gem makes one 4” waffle at a time, no flipping required.  It takes a while to make enough for the two of us – even at 2 or 3 each – but there is always keeping them warm in the oven.  Here is the iron and the finished product:


We are sitting outside this afternoon, simply “being”.  We’ve been for two short walks, watched our pastor from Michigan deliver a sermon, had lunch, did laundry, and more sitting.  And it’s good.  Make no mistake, we are worried about this.  For our own health, and our loved ones, for our friends and their families.  This kind of event really expands your prayer content from local to global.  Economically it’s devastating for so many.  Hopefully we will take away some positive lessons.  I pray you can find some positives in this – I have seen more families doing activities together, we hear of acts of kindness and generosity.  It is a time for us all to think of others – consider the impact your choices and actions may have on others.  Make the choice to stay in, send a letter to someone, call or video chat, there are any number of ways to simply be a good human.  Make God proud.

For now, we’re not on the road – and know that you all are in our thoughts and prayers!


Be safe, be 6 feet apart, wash your hands, and go easy on the TP….

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