Staying At Home…

As most people are doing, the Dumonts are staying home and off the roads, still!   We are doing our best to stay healthy, trying to absorb copious amounts of vitamin D being outside in the sunshine, and dodging the occasional thunderstorm.

Some of our frequent quarantine pastimes include trying to guess which day it is, getting creative about what we can add to our To Do list for the day, and calling and checking on friends and family.  Bill counts down hours until bedtime, or days until Monday (affectionately known as “dump day” – the day to dump tanks).  I have started exploring more cookbooks and stalking recipes on social media (donuts in the air fryer ARE NOT donuts!), following Bill around in case he finds something exciting to do, and breaking my long walk into at least two walks during the day.  Piper might be getting a little tired of walks, but still loves her beach time.  We played with her Chuck-it toy yesterday – and poor thing was exhausted by bedtime.  She is now averaging a minimum of 2 miles a day, not bad for her age.


We do spend a fair amount of time outside walking and yesterday invested in some “reachers” – those grabber tools that are on long shafts.  We now pick up trash on our walks, knowing that we don’t have to touch “stuff”.  Here are some of the views we have been treated to recently:

Although the county we are in has fairly high numbers for the virus in the state, we’re not as bad as Miami-Dade county.  Things seem pretty quiet here on base.  We send our love and prayers that you all will be safe during this time.  Dumonts will likely be on the road again in May.

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