Back In Michigan – Monday, May 18

This is a very late catch-up post.  We left Houston on the 14th.  Beth joined me for a walk before we left – we walked in what started out as a mist and evolved into a serious soaking rain.  She headed off to work, and we commenced to pack with a thunderstorm sounding it’s warning.  Our departure was slightly ahead of the impending thunderstorm.


Our stay in Houston was wonderful.  Bill spent time helping Beth work on her car and I took pictures of the grandpups.

Then Beth shared one of her walking paths with me, and we enjoyed the flowers.

Thursday afternoon and 307 miles later, we stopped in Texarkana, TX.  Definitely not a memorable stay, so we’ll just leave it at that!  As we noticed earlier, all contact is minimal – reservations are made and paid for by phone, directions left on a bulletin board, find your spot.  Traffic was heavier than we’ve seen it before.

Friday was a gray, humid day for travel – very thankful for air conditioning in the truck.  We warped from Texas into Arkansas, and then Tennessee.  We found a campground that had spots and were accepting arrivals, tucked in and settled for the night.  375 miles traveled.

Saturday was Tennessee to Kentucky, a short 258 miles and we lost an hour with time zone change.  Our truck rolled 50,001 miles at the end of the day.  Third day in a row that the campground was not really worth mentioning.  Traffic was lighter today.

Sunday covered 342 miles – Kentucky, Indiana, and into southern Michigan.  There were no campgrounds open in Indiana, so we warped into Michigan.  The campground was open to self-contained units, no restroom facilities, no store, no contact.  During one of our fuel stops in Indiana, we changed from shorts and t-shirts into jeans and long sleeves – feeling the northern love.  We arrived at the campground in a rain shower, and it just seemed to carry on through the night.  God blessed us with a short window to hook up on Monday morning and head north.  I did find this lovely blossom while walking in the rain.


Monday started earlier than we planned – but made excellent use of the brief window with no rain.  227 miles later, we pulled into Heart of the Forest Campground – our summer home in Michigan.  It felt really good to be back.  We checked in with Mom and started setting up camp.

Our total mileage since we left Michigan last fall is approximately 9,450 miles pulling the house, plus an additional 2500 or so miles in Casper when we came to Michigan in December.

The world is a different place than it was when we left, we are different, and we are extremely grateful for our health, our family, and our friends.  We’ve pretty much been non-stop since we came back – my car needed a new battery, we have a myriad of “detail” stuff to attend to (within the confines of social-distancing and open/closed status in Michigan), our “residence of record” aka our primitive cabin needs much TLC, and so on.


Wishing you all continued good health and happy travels!

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