Home Sweet Texas

May 12 – We are enjoying Texas and spending time with Beth.  Bill is really enjoying the “fruits” of her labors – she brought over warm berry crisp and left the extras for his breakfast.

Today Beth took us to Rose’s Seafood Market and was my navigator in the store.  We came away with the most delicious fresh scallops, Gulf shrimp, and snow crab clusters.  Then we proceeded to cook together and enjoy a wonderful seafood boil dinner.

I received a most delightful and much needed treat – Beth gave me a hair trim!  We have one talented daughter – and I have a greatly improved outlook.

I am so grateful that we were able to add this visit to our return trip.  It means that we were able to bookend this trip with visits to our children.  We often talk about how blessed we are to have the privilege of being parents to these two remarkable adults.  Our children, also our friends.  We honestly enjoy spending time with them, hearing from them, and love the privilege of being included in their lives.

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