13 Oct 20 – Monroe, MI to Georgetown, KY

It was a dark and stormy night…. And unbelievably windy last night.  That all changed this morning as we were greeted with a cloudless blue sky and gorgeous sunrise over Lake Erie.  We quickly packed up, and departed Sterling at 0935 hrs.    Travel was very pleasant – traffic was light and moving well.  We did pass a car fire on the northbound side of 75, pretty impressive with flames shooting up.

We are listening to Kristin Hannah’s book Homefront (unabridged version).  We were pretty wrapped up in the story, and weren’t paying much attention to where we were when we needed fuel.  It was quite a surprise to discover we were already in Dayton (and very near the airport as evidenced by the landing commercial airliners)!

We warped into Ohio early in our travels today, then into Kentucky.  Our road food today, chocolate chip cookies courtesy of Carl and Jeanne; and corn chips with flax seeds and garlic parmesan pretzels thanks to my Mom made for tasty travels.

We pulled into Whispering Hills campground in Georgetown, Kentucky at 1515 hrs.  The weather was just beautiful – 70, sunny, light breezes.  We completed our setup and after a little rest, went out for a good walk. 

This campground is very large and appears to have a mix of both seasonal and transient campers.  Rigs end up being parked very close together.  A lake by the playground and lush green grass is very inviting.  This pair of ducks were out enjoying the lovely fall day.

Overall, if you need a place to pull in for the night along I75 in Kentucky, this campground is clean and very convenient.  You are escorted to your site, and the staff is very helpful.  We have experienced one little hitch though.  The whole park is without water – apparently city water – and the city is supposed to be working on it. 

Miles traveled:  294.

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