14 October 2020 – Georgetown, KY to Calhoun, GA

Today started before we really wanted it to.  Neighbors in a coach nearby decided to warm up their rig at 0500 hrs., prior to their 0600 hrs. departure.  Not a very neighborly thing to do in close quarters…please be considerate of your fellow travelers! 

We hit the road at 0845 in bright sunshine after another beautiful sunrise.  Traffic continues to be light and much appreciated, we were in more construction today.  Today was another two-state warp day – we were ready to warp for Tennessee, but almost missed the big Georgia peach sign because of the audiobook.  This is a really good book, I would highly recommend it – but, Mom, if you read this post, I don’t think it would be a good book for you.

The Tennessee Welcome Center had a beautiful display set up, and we spent a little time walking around and enjoying the sunshine. 

When we were on the road again, I took the opportunity to do a little manicure work…

At the Georgia Welcome Center, I decided to change into shorts.  Temps were in the 80’s with a gentle breeze.  Our destination was still about an hour away.  Word of caution to our fellow travelers – consider making reservations early, even for overnight stops.  We had to drive about 60 – 70 miles farther just to find a campground with an open site (and I think we may have taken their last one).  We are seeing many more young families that are enjoying the camping life while working and schooling remotely.  Prior to this year, we have never made advanced reservations for single night stays – opting to drive until we’re ready to be off the road.

We located our campground – the Calhoun A-OK Campground (obviously an old KOA) without difficulty, and were off the road at 1545.  It is a nice little campground – appears to be undergoing some renovation and expansion.  The bath houses are closed (since August) for renovations according to signage. 

They have a peacock that roams the campground, as well as several ducks.  I spotted a dear and rabbit while I was walking around to get my steps in. 

The pond is small but very neat, and they allow catch and release fishing.  There are several kids riding bikes and walking pets.  One little girl followed us as we walked by the pond.  Bill asked her if she ever fished in the pond.  This petite little darlin’ – probably 6 years old with long blond hair, bright pink t-shirt, and angelic smile hopped off her bike.  She puffed out her chest, stuck her hands in her back pockets and rocked back on her heels.  She said “yes sir” (and before Bill could ask if she caught anything) “I almost catched one – but those little b@st@rds will steal your bread right off the hook before you can get ‘em in!”  We both just smiled as she hopped on her bike and rode away, then checked with each other to make sure we had heard her correctly.  She spit out her fish story like a seasoned fisherman, and it was evident that we weren’t the first ones she regaled with her story.

Overall, this is a nice campground, but be aware that it is a little tight for big rigs.  Roads are narrow with some tight turns.

333 miles traveled.

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