Don’t Park Under The….. and Never Say Never

It’s been a month, and we are firmly ensconced in Mayport.  Before we left Michigan, we were parked under an oak tree.  The oak was just beginning to lose it’s acorns, so we were used to hearing a few acorns bonk the top of the rig.

Fast forward to Mayport.  Remember that old song – Don’t Sit Under the Apple Tree? Yeah, how about this one… “Don’t Park Under A Live Oak Tree…”

We are parked under a lovely old Live Oak Tree.  Did you know that a mature Live Oak Tree can produce upwards of 10,000 acorns?  The one we are parked under is an over-achiever.  Pretty sure it has dropped 4 times that amount already.  Every one of them has hit the roof.  Every. One.  Well, except for one that fell and lodged itself firmly in the straw in my glass of water.  Split the straw, had to pitch it after ripping it apart to get the acorn out.  Or the one that nailed the back of my hand and left a knot.

We were in the path of Tropical Storm Eta last week, and had several days of tropical storm winds and rain.  Surely that would empty the tree of the rest of the nuts, right?  WRONG!!!  They are multiplying faster than rabbits!  Even the dogs don’t care anymore. It’s kind of like living in a perpetual hail storm.

Speaking of dogs, the Dumont traveling clan as expanded by one – Miss Mara has joined us while Walter is in training mode (Army).  Mara is becoming a seasoned camper, but I’m afraid we’re a little hard on her.  She is only 5, Piper is 13.  Mara is ready for bed at 2000 hrs., and reluctantly crawls out of bed around 0900 hrs.  It’s only been two weeks though…I’m sure she will catch up soon.

Friday was a spectacular day in the Dumont Household.  Bill hit his goal of 500 miles for 2020!  Pretty amazing considering he was not using one foot for over a month and a half, and before and after that it was not comfortable to use it.  We weren’t really sure that the goal would be attainable this year.  Never give up!

Friday also heralded the arrival of my piano.  YES!  A piano!  In our 5th wheel.  NEVER SAY NEVER!  We have a full-size keyboard with weighted keys – and it’s portable.  And it sounds heavenly – even when I play.

Today we celebrated all the wonderful things by having a lunch date with our girls at the airport, and stopped by Bruster’s for ice cream.  We were good – one small scoop each, no toppings.  We “went” to church this morning by watching live streaming at home.  Given the current circumstances, we are choosing to stay home whenever possible.

We may not be on the road, but our adventures are continuing, and our lives is full to overflowing with blessings!  If you are so inclined, we would ask for prayers for family and friends that either have COVID, or have been exposed.  It’s not a hoax, not a political ploy, and it’s not just going to miraculously disappear.  Please, wash – mask – distance – stay home.  Our first responders and medical community are overwhelmed.  If they get sick and are unable to provide care, we are going to be in dangerous territory.  (Not that we aren’t already – it would just be a really darker, uglier place!)

Stay safe and healthy!

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