We’re Not on The Road, But We’re on a New Journey!

In late December, we embarked on a different journey.  Not truly a new journey, but a dedicated, intentional journey to work on our health.  Bill has been able to increase his distance for walking, and even start doing some running intervals.  We are (semi)patiently waiting for our opportunity to start the vaccine series.  In our waiting time, we are making plans for our travels when that becomes possible.

Neither of us were particularly content with our health and weight.  We’ve made many half-hearted attempts to rectify that without much success.  Conveniently, we had 3 months of being stationary with relatively good weather before we look at leaving.  We joined forces, joined Noom, and set out on our grand adventure!

Our typical day looks like a 5-6 mile walk, alternating with a couple days that incorporate run-walk intervals on the beach or rambling through base.  We are logging our food – an interesting process since we use very few processed foods.  We log our water and our exercise.  We do our “lessons” on Noom.  We even have a little meeting with the scale every morning.  Those are our priorities, when they are checked off, we carry on with other activities (and in my case, work).

Is it working?  Absolutely!  Noom may not be the perfect vehicle for everyone – it is just the one we chose.  I didn’t want a program that included prepackaged food or required special ingredients.  This program fits for us.  We are committed to our goal and doing this together helps.  One of the big hurdles is getting past the “diet” concept.  We are not on a diet – we are changing our eating habits. I use my usual cookbooks, cook food that we are used to eating, and just make healthier choices.  We include more fresh veggies and fewer treats – but otherwise, it’s food as usual.  Breakfast is no longer whatever happens to be handy – or in Bill’s case – just coffee.  It happens intentionally every day.

What changes have we noticed?  (Besides on the scale..)  Clothes fit differently, and we’ve been clothes shopping for Bill.  More energy!  Less aches and pains.  I have been really having fun with running. 

I am working to get back to strength training, yoga, and Pilates workouts.  www.energyup.co is a great resource for that (and free – with 10k recorded workouts and live streaming workouts each day), as well as Aaptiv.  Another aspect of health that I have been very thankful for is Zoom knitting with my Cadillac knitting friends.  Bill has helped me set aside the time twice a week.  Knitting is a great meditative activity.

Bill is doing some online courses and enjoying them.  All of this may sound self-centered, but I would disagree.  We are actually carving out time for ourselves – filling our “cups” so that we are better able to serve others.  Attending to our physical and mental health allows us to share our energy and talents as God would have us.

Lest you think this post is just about losing weight – not all of our goals are health-related.  It just happens that working on our health makes all the other goals more attainable.

Friends, please, think about yourself – your life.  Are you happy with your journey right now?  If not, when will NOW be the right time to do something about it?  You may not be able to commit on the level that we have.  Instead, what is one small thing you can do to change?  And then, what is the next?  Please, realize that you are worth the investment you will be making.  Your changes will have remarkable impact on those around you.

One thought on “We’re Not on The Road, But We’re on a New Journey!

  1. Good for you two. Setting goals and working toward them can seem tedious. Glad you are in this together. Can’t wait to see what the new you(s) can accomplish for His kingdom.


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