Beach Adventures

Today we celebrated life together with a 13.1 mile walk on the beach.  Yep, that’s a half marathon.  It’s been about 8 months since Bill’s surgery on his right ankle.  I can’t begin to adequately express how proud I am of him.  He’s also lost 27 pounds.  Bill decided on Monday that he wanted to accomplish a half marathon distance before we leave Florida.  Yesterday he decided that we would do it today. 

We normally walk 5-6 miles a day, so that is a little over twice what we normally do.  I see this as a tribute (or side effect) of what attending to your health can do for you.  We didn’t run, and we didn’t stroll.  Our time was very acceptable to both of us.  I am wondering how many people can simply decide that they are going to walk 13.1 miles the next day – just because they can.  We are both signed up for a half marathon in November – in person is our hope, but virtual will do.  We have a baseline now to work from.

While we are not yet “on the road again”, we are hitting the pavement/beach and making it count.  And we count our blessings for being healthy enough to do this!

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