April 19, 2021 – Paradise

Marvelous Monday!  We started out with a nice walk for the pups in cool sunshine.  There is a short segment of beach that we can take them on – Piper really likes the water here.  The waves are minimal, and today she was wearing her Brave Girl pants.  She was in the water up to her shoulders and doing a little swimming.  Not her normal!  Mara was playing it very safe, staying far away from the water.  Mara, for all her bravado and busybody ways, is a bit of a scaredy cat.  If it something she doesn’t recognize, she can stretch her little body and nose several feet from her body (or so it seems).  Brave heart is not her nickname!  While walking along the water, we watched a rather large fish swimming several feet out from the shore.  The water this morning was glorious – so many shades of blue and so very clear!

After a quick lunch, we headed out to get groceries since we depleted our fresh veggies and most of our fruits.  Speaking of fruit – if you can find Sumo Citrus in your grocery store – buy it!  It is a phenomenal seedless citrus (orange) – juicy and full of flavor.  Groceries put away, and we are faced with the decision of how to spend the afternoon.  Bill made the executive decision that we should check out the fishing situation – see if the shoreline stalker was still out there.

We spent the afternoon in paradise!  The beach is a short walk from the campground – maybe 0.2 miles.  The sand on the beach is white and clean.  The sun warm and pleasant, and a cool breeze making long sleeves very comfortable.  We tossed our lines out, got settled in our chairs, and commenced to relaxing.  We listened to airplane noise and watched the flight training overhead, took in the beautiful surroundings, watched the fishing poles, and I knitted.  Bill talked with some other fisherfolks.  When we had our fill, we returned home for supper.

Wrapped up this lovely day with a walk in the moonlight holding hands.  We’ll be dreaming of tomorrow…

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