April 17 & 18, 2021 – Pensacola

Not much good to say about yesterday – I was actually considering Googling the plans to start building the Ark.  Bill was brave and went out to get his steps and miles outside – our bathroom looked like a laundry with all of his wet clothes on hooks.  I, on the other hand, opted to run in place inside, and then do a Zumba workout and a dance workout.  The dogs reluctantly went to answer nature’s call and get thoroughly saturated.

Today dawned semi-sunny, semi-soggy with the promise of a better day to come.  We exercised Mara and Piper, and then organized ourselves and headed to the National Naval Aviation Museum.

It’s been about 5 years since we visited, and it is just as good as we remembered.  Many of the exhibits are closed due to COVID, and masks are mandatory.  Hand Sanitizer stations were abundant and highly encouraged.  The airplanes, oh the airplanes!  From the earliest stages of flight through spaceflight, coupled with military history – so much to see and read and learn. 

In an exhibit related to the Apollo program, I found this quote:

It really struck a chord in my heart.  I substituted “my dreams” for “the moon”, “is” for “was”, and “my comfort zone” for “Earth’s boundaries”.  I encourage you to do the same!

Here are some pictures from sites along our dog walks:

Exciting things planned for this week – at least one more trip to the museum to explore the rest of the collections – we didn’t get to see everything, catching practice airshows courtesy of the Blue Angels, more walks to explore the base, fishing in the Gulf, exploring Fort Barrancas, and the more mundane – like grocery shopping, laundry, and such.  Tune in tomorrow….

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