20 & 21 April 2021 – Angels in Paradise

We have been treated to two “practice” air shows in two days – a la Blue Angels style.  These two days started gently, easing into the day and walking Piper and Mara before packing up our lawn chairs and walking a mile to “show center”.  We were literally front row and show center, masked and distanced.  The flight line volunteers were amazing – very informative and kept our attention focused in the correct direction for best viewing.

The Angels flew their first Air Show in 18 months last weekend in Lakeland FL.  We learned of the stringent requirements for the pilot’s Angels career from volunteer Jim on Tuesday.  Our volunteer on Wednesday was Dr. Steve – very knowledgeable and entertaining.  The Angels are flying the Super Hornet this year – 25% larger, and can carry 25% more fuel.  Very important numbers.  Also, their “support” vehicle – Fat Albert has a new look – a Hercules C-130 J model.  Fat Albert flew a demonstration on Wednesday.

We feel incredibly blessed to be able to see these airshows – within walking distance – in addition to the routine flight training decorating the skies.  We see Navy and Air Force training flights throughout the day.

In the interests of space, I will share some photos and refrain from posting videos with afterburners and delightful plane noise.

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