22 & 23 April 2021

Thursday was an “errand” and detail day.  Always good to build these days into your schedule.  The kind of day where you head out with a laundry list of things to take care and allow for flexibility in case something exciting presents itself.

Exciting in this case turned out to be lunch at a local family-owned Mexican restaurant.  Less than exciting was the discovery that Fort Barrancas is temporarily closed.  Perhaps on our next visit…

Friday was supposed to be cloudy and cool; and we settled for partly cloudy, warm, and windy.  We took advantage of the National Naval Aviation Museum again and visited Hangar Bay One.  After our first pass, we took a break for lunch at the Cubi Point Café.  Over lunch, it was unanimously decided that we needed to verify some of the information we took in during our first pass.  We pretty much closed the museum before walking back home.  If you are ever in the neighborhood – this place is a “must see”!

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