October 23, 2021 – Edmond, OK to Morrilton, AR

After thoroughly enjoying Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday with Mike, we packed up this morning to hit the road.  What a delight and treasure it is to spend time with family!

Traffic was light, and the construction sites weren’t too congested.  I-40 East in Oklahoma is an interesting ride…kind of like riding over corrugated roads.  It definitely made for some interesting unpacking and opening this evening.  So far, I-40 East in Arkansas is smoother.  Rest areas and kind of sparse out this way – so thankful we have our own!

Tonight we are at a little “RV Park” – right off I-40.  It works okay for an overnight stop, but definitely not a destination.  Appears that it was a KOA in it’s former life.  The only thing KOAish about it is the price! 

The automatic leveling system is still giving us fits.  I am learning how to manually level the rig with my cell phone.  After some research online, looks like I will be manually leveling until we reach Fort Rucker and are stationary for a couple days. 

We took a walk this evening and were treated to a beautiful sunset. The RV office had some little cookbooks that are supposed to be local recipes and some Arkansas history and trivia.  Two of the recipes – Lima Bean and Tuna Supreme, and Madarin (sp) Plum Sauce and Fish Sticks – won’t be appearing in the Dumont kitchen any time soon!  It should be interesting to read further…

Feeling brave, I decided to try out the new convection/microwave oven Bill installed for us.  He did that before we left Michigan, I’m just taking my time learning all it’s new features.  We will be munching on Oatmeal Cookies for road food.

303 miles – on the road at 0925 hrs – off the road at 1530 hrs.

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