October 19, 2021

We seem to be learning, and having the lesson reinforced often – that flexibility is key.  Have a plan, but don’t tie your success to it.  Be willing to adapt.  Our departure was a tad delayed.  The automatic leveling system seems to be taking intermittent holidays.  I am willing to go with the fact that this campground is built on hills – every campsite is built into the hill.  Leveling is a bit more of a challenge.  After a delayed launch, travel was very pleasant.  We decided to try to push through to Edmond today.

We warped out of Missouri and into Oklahoma – and traveled the I44 tollway.  Usually we avoid toll roads, but this one was pretty pleasant.  Traffic remained light and tolerable – Tulsa was not fun to drive through – but knowing what was on the other side made it okay.

Arriving at Mike’s house in Edmond, we were less than delighted to learn that our leveling system was still behaving badly.  Today is new batteries day for the house – we’ll see if that will help the problem. 

It is always a joy to be here.  I don’t believe that we shared pictures from our spring visit – so I will do that at the end of the post.  This picture is from yesterday and just brings a smile to my heart:

Total miles:  417.2.  On the road at 0845 CT, off the road at 1800 CT.

Pictures from last spring – we enjoyed visiting with Mike, Donna, and Terry:

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