Day 34 – Oshkosh – Settled In

Wasn’t planning to post, and this may not make it out because of the overloaded internet and cell systems. We finally made it off the road today. God is so fabulous in His plans for us! This is the very best parking spot we have ever had at Oshkosh! We are right off the end of runway 36. We have a shower truck (with real showers with a real shower head)—only Oshkosh campers will understand the significance of this and appreciate this. It is a stones throw from our site. There is a tiny camp store just in front of it. We have a bus to take us closer to show area.

We just got to watch the P51, A10s, F22s, and F35s practice together-didn’t have to leave our site-just turn our chairs around. Now we are watching the Ultralights fly. We have maybe 40 neighbors instead of thousands. Just another reminder to trust that His plans really are in our best interest!

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