Day 39 – Oshkosh to Escanaba

Waking up at 0530 hrs. is just plain wrong.  We both woke up that early – getting up at that time of the morning did allow us to see the sunrise – but we both prefer not to have that experience again.  It was a lovely morning – and weirdly quiet for Oshkosh.

We started slow – Bill with his coffee – and I went for a run.  Last Sunday, I bought a new pair of running shoes – a different style than I have used before.  The lady at the shoe store told me to follow the transition guide to avoid sore legs.  The guide recommended 2-3 weeks transition before using them for a long run.  I waited a whole week – and settled on 3.65 miles – a short run.  I am so happy with these shoes – they are Altras – and the model is Torin Plush.  I think we may have a future together!

We packed everything up, and after hitting the shower quickly – we were on the road before 1000 hrs.  We were wondering how our departure would be, seeing as how we sunk in about 5 or 6 inches when we parked in our campsite.  One of our 3×4 inch wooden blocks that we use under our stands was driving completely down in the mud.  It was donated to the field – probably take a couple years to resurface.  We accomplished takeoff without any difficulty – a tribute to the skill of our pilot!

Our week was fantastic.  Despite the rocky start to the week, we experienced parts of the airshow we have neglected in the past.  We were about 2 miles from the center of the show, camped in a different location on the airport.  We really appreciated the new viewpoint – electing to embrace the experience and see opportunities instead of obstacles.

We did sit through the afternoon airshow on Monday.  Haven’t sat through a whole afternoon show for a couple years.  There were several performers that were new to us – with a new move or two.  The days were really warm – hot actually – and the occasional breeze and wind were much appreciated.  Both of us had a “short list” of things to do – and they were accomplished in short order.  I found the metal-shaping seminar very interesting – and would like to explore that subject more.  It was great to be able to touch base with a couple of pilot friends that attended the show.  One of my favorite parts of the week was our evening walk through general aircraft camping.  Waiting until just before sunset when the temps started to drop, we would take the tram to the area we wanted to walk – then work our way back home.  We logged over 50 miles walking this past week.  Our walks took us through the Warbirds Tuesday evening, to Ultralights and Powered Paragliders Wednesday, Vintage on Thursday, and general aircraft on Saturday.  Friday was dinner out with a pilot friend.  We took the bus over to Seaplane Base to watch the seaplanes in action.  As I said – a fantastic week!

The drive from Oshkosh to Escanaba is a friendly, familiar route – and accomplished quickly.  We were settled into our campsite by 1530 hrs., and have been hard at work recovering from our week.


Miles traveled: 167 today – trip total (excluding side trips) 5,031.

Check out these shoes!

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