Day 40 – Wrapping Up the Details

This is only a week late…but you know what it’s like when you are returning from a trip.  That really isn’t an excuse for us – although our return this time heralds a round of doctor and dentist visits, and a myriad of details and chores before we hit the road again.

Trip from Escanaba to Wellston was uneventful, other than flirting with several rainstorms.  We left at 0945 hrs. and arrived at Heart of the Forest around 1800 hrs., with intermediate stops to collect mail and second car.  Let me tell you about the feats of the US Post Office.  We have a small PO Box.  They managed to cram 40 days-worth of mail into that little box.  I had to pull letter by letter, almost had to ask them to push from the other side.  Prior to our leaving, they assured me that if the box got full, they would put it on the shelf in the back for us.  If I ever need help packing – I want those people.  Pretty sure someone was on a mission to explode that little metal box.  The mail filled a plastic grocery bag and was somewhere between 5-7 pounds.  Impressive.

Returning to our little campground home base was pleasant.  Tuesday morning found us going full-tilt taking care of business.  Bill made arrangements to have the cooling unit on the fridge replaced mid-August, so we will be OTR again soon.

Quick trip summary:  10 states, 40 days, trip miles 5,375 – total mileage including side trips 6,482.  Delightful visits to National Parks/Battlefields/Monuments/Preserves/Sites.  Wonderful visits (unplanned) with friends and family.  1 new back window for the truck, 1 dead refrigerator, 1 new apartment-sized refrigerator and Igloo cooler, discovered how wonderful Gorilla tape is (seriously – this stuff is better that Duck Tape).  Experienced camping on a county road, and at two air museums.  Confirmed that 2-lane roads are far superior to Interstates/expressways, and small towns are far friendlier than big ones.

Lessons learned:

  1. Home is where your heart, husband, and dog reside.
  2. Take the trip – don’t wait.
  3. Talk to strangers (after you say hello, they become friends), smile at them, learn about them and their town.
  4. Slow down, investigate the magnificence in our country.
  5. Drink in the beauty and wonder of God’s creation – and be in awe of the knowledge that the same God that created Glacier National Park, Yellowstone, Craters of the Moon, the Badlands, and all the cool stuff also took the time to plan and create YOU. (That ought to give you something to think about for a while!)
  6. Live in gratitude.

See you all in a while – once we are back on the road again!


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