Exercising Spontaneity, Celebrating Life and Family

A last-minute decision to change our travel plans from Sunday (Cadillac to Shipshewana) to Friday (Cadillac to Monroe, MI – then Sunday Monroe to Shipshewana) highlights one of the joys of our lifestyle.  Our sister/sister-in-law is celebrating a birthday on Sunday, and we were in the position to gather and bring her a rather unique birthday gift.

Bill indulged my request, and we started packing up Friday morning, and left around noon.  This particular trip is a familiar one.  We used to live in Monroe – and traveled this route often.  The trip was uneventful for the most part.  A vehicle that had been behind us was kind enough to communicate with gestures that we needed to check out the back end of our rig.  A quick pull-off and we discovered that our macerator hose was dragging.  Fortunately, it was discovered before any real damage was done.

We arrived at Sterling State Park, set up, and settled in quickly.  It has been approximately 18-20 years since we have stayed here.  We noticed lots of improvements and are anticipating a great stay.  We ended our Friday with a lovely walk taking in the beautiful sunset.


Total miles today – 280.




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