Joy of Family

This day we celebrate family.  We celebrated Jeanne’s birthday a day early and enjoyed visiting with her family.  They have a beautiful home that exudes the huge amounts of love and care they have invested.  Inside and out, they have created a welcoming, lovely haven.  It is one of those rare places you can immediately feel “at home”, loved, and comfortable.


Early afternoon found us piled in the truck and headed to Toledo to visit Suzi – Bill and Jeanne’s sister.  What a joy to watch the 3 siblings share memories and much laughter.  Family is an incredibly powerful dynamic.  It was an emotional, powerful experience.


Returning back to Sterling, Bill and I took Piper for a 2 mile walk around the park.  As we neared the end of our walk, a movement in the grass caught our attention.  We were treated to this doe and fawn enjoying a supper of grass.

This day was a beautiful gift!

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